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Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica

Welcome to Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica.
We offer 15 Rooms all equipped with TV Cable, Private Bathroom, Hot Water, Fan, Double orthopedic bed, available rooms for two / three beds. Located in the historical downtown of San Jose, near to almost all the bus station to travel around the country and outside (Panama, Nicaragua). A large historical Costa Rican B/W Pictures collection.

Bernardo Escobar

Bernardo Escobar -You are always welcome to our hotels

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Our hotels could be your base for first and last night and transit around the country. We offer you security box, luggage store, laundry sevice, airport pick up , free tourist information, tours, car rental. We are so friendly, you can be sure we will always try to do our best for your comfort in our hotels - cheap and good accommodation.






GENERAL INFORMATION The Corcovado National Park protects the last portion of Tropical Moist Forest of the Mesoamerican Pacific. Its location, climatic characteristics, the capricious condition of its soils and its topography, make this place a home for an amazing diversity of biological species.

Similarly, the area`s richness has spawned great interest for Costa Rican and foreign scientists to develop research projects. The climate is hot, rainy and very humid.

LOCATION This park is located in the southwest sector of the Osa Peninsula, province of Puntarenas, on Costa Rica`s South Pacific and is part of the Osa Conservation Area.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS It has a flora counting thousands of species, many of which have a restricted distribution and have already disappeared from other regions, such as the ajo (butternut tree/caryocar costaricense), ojoche (brosimum alicastrum) and cedro caracolito (ruptiliocaryon caracolito). Corcovado`s fauna is also outstanding for the diversity of its species and a great number are included on the endangered species list. It has significant populations of macaws and red parrots, peccaries, jaguars and crocodiles.

SERVICES OFFERED In Puerto Jimènez: local guide and general information, and at the Sirena Biological Station: trails, potable water, restrooms, camping areas, and radio communication; airport, lodging and meal services.


Best location in San Jose Downtown - Costa Rica



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